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Doctors Lack Tools to Discuss Toxic Exposures with Pregnant Patients: Survey

09 Jul 2014 | 59,016 Views

Although most obstetricians recognize the risks that environmental toxins pose to their pregnant patients, few routinely discuss what you can do about it.

Almost 20% of Fully Vaccinated Children with Persistent Cough "Have Whooping Cough"

08 Jul 2014 | 49,477 Views

One in five children who are fully vaccinated for whooping cough (pertussis) still contract the disease, adding further evidence of the pertussis vaccine’s questionable effectiveness.

Air Pollution Linked to Cognitive Decline in Later Years

03 Jul 2014 | 23,327 Views

The air you breathe both inside your home and outdoors may significantly influence your brain health from birth to your later years.

Why We Laugh

19 Jun 2014 | 35,161 Views

There’s a reason why laughter happens most often in groups, but surprisingly, it’s typically not because of a funny joke.

Junk Food: Just as Bad as Cigarettes, and Marketing Tactics Also Rival Those of Big Tobacco

07 Jun 2014 | 269,840 Views

The FTC tried to ban it in 1984, yet since then it's soared by 852% in less than three decades. The worst part: you may have welcomed it into your home - lowering your kids' IQ and boosting your family's risk of diabetes, cancer, depression, and stroke.

Some of the Most Toxic Sunscreens and Safer Options

04 Jun 2014 | 138,101 Views

The sunscreen you use to protect your skin from the sun could be damaging your health with every application.

Half of the World’s Food Is Thrown Away

31 May 2014 | 188,280 Views

It happens every day in your home and countless businesses and warehouses, and can lead to poverty one step at a time. What if you could buck the trend and build wealth instead? To get started: use these 12 ways to save a fortune on food.

Antibiotic-Resistant Genes in Cow Manure May Add to the Threat of Untreatable Disease

07 May 2014 | 174,191 Views

One of the fastest ways to destroy your gut microbiome (and your immune system) is via the use of antibiotics. But you won't just find them in medicine. One of the most pervasive sources of antibiotics is actually found in the food you eat.

Oil Pulling Craze: All-Purpose Remedy?

05 May 2014 | 168,062 Views

Oil pulling seems to be gaining wide popularity, but can swishing oil in your mouth really be beneficial?

Should Parents Be Allowed to Decide About Vaccines?

29 Apr 2014 | 162,414 Views

Yet the USA Today is still publishing this guilt trip nonsense designed to shift blame onto parents instead of where it really belongs. These 136 deaths, 922 reports of disability, and 550 life-threatening adverse events are a case in point.


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