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What Diseases Can You Catch from a Water Fountain?

26 Sep 2015 | 44,434 Views

Is it safe to drink from public drinking fountains or are you putting your health at risk every time you take a sip? Both the cleanliness of the fountain and the purity of the water factor in this equation...

Smokeless Tobacco Kills More Than 250,000 Yearly, Worldwide

23 Sep 2015 | 32,115 Views

Smokeless tobacco is often considered safer than smoking cigarettes, but it's still responsible for a significant number of deaths worldwide each year. Other smoking "alternatives," like e-cigarettes, also pose considerable risks to your health.

Non-Stick Breast Milk?

09 Sep 2015 | 24,475 Views

Non-stick chemicals used pervasively in household goods and found to extensively contaminate the environment are turning up in nature's perfect food - breast milk. What effects do such chemicals have on newborns?

Are Mutant Lice Headed Your Way?

02 Sep 2015 | 96,194 Views

If your child comes home from school with a case of head lice, think twice before rushing to the drug store for a lice-removal shampoo. The active ingredients are toxic pesticides and, further, new research shows they may no longer be effective.

Iodine Supplements in Pregnancy May Boost Babies’ Brains

24 Aug 2015 | 30,256 Views

Low iodine in early pregnancy is linked to lower IQ in your children, but simply ensuring you're getting enough iodine can help. In fact, most adults can benefit from optimizing iodine levels.

Research Reveals the Importance of Your Microbiome for Optimal Health

13 Jul 2015 | 230,981 Views

Chances are you may be switching on the wrong genes by ignoring this part of your health. Researchers are discovering links to many different diseases and conditions, all stemming from something that may be surprisingly simple to fix.

Green Spaces Make Kids Smarter

02 Jul 2015 | 38,959 Views

Research continues to uncover what many people intrinsically feel - that spending time in nature is good for the body, mind, and soul. Children with greater access to green spaces enjoy significant benefits, not only physically but cognitively as well.

Studies on Hydration Suggest Dehydrated Drivers May Pose Hazard on the Road, and Majority of Children Don’t Drink Enough Water

29 Jun 2015 | 418,544 Views

Thirst isn't the only sign you're dehydrated - there are at least a dozen more. And some of these you'd never suspect were related to water. Plus: drink too little at your own risk. When dehydrated, drivers made mistakes comparable to drunk or sleep-deprived driving.

A 4th Grader's Short Documentary About School Lunch

27 Jun 2015 | 169,452 Views

It takes only minutes a day to fix, but if you overlook it, you'll sharply increase your kids' chances of being overweight (38.2% vs 24.7%) and cause them to be less likely to participate in sports and get lower test scores too. Please do not ignore.

Your Kitchen Pantry Is Probably Still Full of Toxins

17 Jun 2015 | 79,038 Views

Despite the accumulating evidence showing bisphenol-A is harmful, many food companies still use the chemical in their canned goods. A new investigation revealed which brands still use BPA, but unfortunately many companies are replacing BPA with an equally toxic alternative called BPS.


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