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Children's Health Articles

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Expert Panel Recommends Children 14 and Under Be Protected by Food Marketing Policies

04 Feb 2015 | 22,968 Views

New "responsible" food-marketing guidelines could help protect children from the junk food industry's predatory marketing tactics.

The Toxic Profits of Shrimp Farming and Tin Mining

10 Jan 2015 | 260,851 Views

Not only is it exposed to illegal, toxic pesticides linked to brain damage, cancer, and Parkinson's - it's produced by harassing poor people, sucking their blood and looting their resources. Bad for you. Bad for the environment. It's really a no-brainer - avoid it like the plague...

7 Psychological Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

08 Jan 2015 | 46,564 Views

By altering your mindset, you can achieve your New Year’s resolution for a healthier, happier and more successful year.

Contradicting Previous Announcements That Obesity Among Kindergarteners Is Declining, New Research Shows Severe Obesity Is on the Rise

31 Dec 2014 | 34,623 Views

They're trying to tell you it's declining, but a new study shows a very different picture. To help protect your children from a future of obesity and nasty diseases, don't feed them the same method that's been used to fatten up livestock.

Studies Show Diet and Lifestyle Choices of Both Parents Have Multigenerational Health Effects

29 Dec 2014 | 174,407 Views

According to this groundbreaking new study, if you struggle with extra flab and diabetes-like symptoms despite healthy eating, you may have to look no further than your father or your grandfather for answers.

The Importance of Reducing Your Toxic Burden When Planning to Start a Family

27 Dec 2014 | 302,362 Views

Microorganisms in your gastrointestinal tract play an integral part in your health, affecting everything from body weight and nutrition, to chronic diseases of all kinds

Phthalates and BPA Linked to IQ Reductions in Children, but FDA Reasserts the Chemical’s Safety

24 Dec 2014 | 229,314 Views

When study subjects drank from this type of container, the levels of a health-wrecking chemical in their urine rose 1,600%. This potent endocrine-disrupting chemical blocks estrogen receptors involved with repairing blood vessels and controlling blood pressure.

Are Children Medicated for Convenience, or Necessity?

20 Dec 2014 | 203,692 Views

Sales of this drug to children have increased eight-fold since 1993, despite its side effects including heart attacks, seizures, and blurred vision. And yet, in one study fish oil was found to be more effective than two of the most popular brands.

Warning—BPA-Free Plastic Containers May Be Just as Hazardous

10 Dec 2014 | 60,524 Views

Consumers are demanding BPA-free containers, and many manufacturers are responding. But is their new chemical any safer? Turns out it's just as toxic as BPA, as less than one part per trillion can unleash chaos and potentially lead to obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

10 Worst Toys for Kids

06 Dec 2014 | 58,136 Views

Did any of the toys on your holiday shopping list make the Top 10 Worst Toys list?


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