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Children's Health Articles

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60,000 Children Are Poisoned Each Year From This

06 Apr 2016 | 23,627 Views

Accidental medication poisoning in children accounts for 60,000 emergency room visits. Safe Kids Worldwide estimates that 500,000 children receive the wrong medication or the wrong dose.

Infant Dangers Even Worse Than the Moldy Sippy Cups

09 Mar 2016 | 33,645 Views

Disgusting pictures of moldy sippy cups have been trending online, but there are far more insidious risks to your children's health. If you're pregnant or a parent to young children, minimizing these risks can drastically improve your child's health.

America's Baby Catastrophe

02 Mar 2016 | 31,572 Views

While paying the most for childbirth and maternity care, Americans may receive subpar care. The US has some of the highest rates of maternal and infant death among developed countries.

Smarter Toilets, Improving Hygiene and Sanitation Worldwide

13 Feb 2016 | 37,794 Views

The lack of clean water and sanitation is one of the world's most critical problems. New models can provide clean drinking water, cut energy costs, create fertilizer, and improve sanitation at home and in developing countries. Now, how can we get it done?

Pregnant? For Your Baby's Health, Eat Fish, But Make Sure It's High in Omega-3 and Low in Mercury

04 Feb 2016 | 191,907 Views

Two studies show its benefits outweighed many of the hazards linked to this food choice. It was associated with higher IQ scores and lower autism risk. But there seems to be an upper limit of benefit and a limit to the number of safest varieties.

Frontline Program on Concerns for Consumers Taking Vitamins and Supplements

01 Feb 2016 | 346,953 Views

I didn't think they could stoop this low, and I'm sad to see it happen. With an expressed mission to educate, they've now proved they could care less about your health - and would rather push something harmful. You may also be stunned when you see the harm they've done.

The Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding

02 Jan 2016 | 273,346 Views

Engineered to be low in fat but high in carbohydrates and protein, it's critical to brain and nervous system development. Also helps prevent breathing disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea - yet millions subject their children to this nasty substance instead...

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Threaten Women’s Health Throughout Life

30 Dec 2015 | 314,706 Views

Recent research reveals American girls are hitting puberty as young as four to nine - and according to this professor, the age of first menstruation occurred earlier among girls with the highest consumption of this drink...

How to Address the Crisis of Childhood Obesity

26 Dec 2015 | 187,821 Views

Watch out for this debunked myth that millions still believe. Making this mistake could shave years off your lifespan, just as it's doing for kids who are now suffering from heart disease as young as 8 years old. Avoid tragedy and grief... take this critical life-saving step today.

High School Students Boycott Junk Food School Lunches

23 Dec 2015 | 144,632 Views

Take a lesson from these teens, who rejected the awful "choice" thrust on them, hoping to catalyze permanent change. They'll change their own future... If you value your health, you'll want to avoid this mistake too.


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