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Children's Health Articles

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Studies on Hydration Suggest Dehydrated Drivers May Pose Hazard on the Road, and Majority of Children Don’t Drink Enough Water

29 Jun 2015 | 251,489 Views

Thirst isn't the only sign you're dehydrated - there are at least a dozen more. And some of these you'd never suspect were related to water. Plus: drink too little at your own risk. When dehydrated, drivers made mistakes comparable to drunk or sleep-deprived driving.

A 4th Grader's Short Documentary About School Lunch

27 Jun 2015 | 146,112 Views

It takes only minutes a day to fix, but if you overlook it, you'll sharply increase your kids' chances of being overweight (38.2% vs 24.7%) and cause them to be less likely to participate in sports and get lower test scores too. Please do not ignore.

Your Kitchen Pantry Is Probably Still Full of Toxins

17 Jun 2015 | 52,210 Views

Despite the accumulating evidence showing bisphenol-A is harmful, many food companies still use the chemical in their canned goods. A new investigation revealed which brands still use BPA, but unfortunately many companies are replacing BPA with an equally toxic alternative called BPS.

Two-Minute Video Could Change How You Bathe Forever

06 Jun 2015 | 54,462 Views

This seemingly innocent ingredient is found in more than 100 personal care products, but once it goes down the drain it passes right through wastewater treatment plants and into the environment. Once released, there are no known methods to get this hazardous ingredient out of the environment.

This Is What Happens When You Read to a Child

14 May 2015 | 38,014 Views

Your child's brain... and imagination... thrive when you take time for this simple and enjoyable activity.

“Business of Being Born” Explores Midwife-Attended Home Births

06 Apr 2015 | 40,049 Views

If you're planning to give birth any time in the near future, you owe it to yourself and your unborn baby to know the findings of this more than 17,000-birth study. Before your doctor has a chance to feed you these myths and frighten you, get armed with the facts.

Breast Is Best

02 Apr 2015 | 29,227 Views

New research shows that breastfeeding your child as an infant offers benefits that continue on through adulthood.

Expert Panel Recommends Children 14 and Under Be Protected by Food Marketing Policies

04 Feb 2015 | 27,024 Views

New "responsible" food-marketing guidelines could help protect children from the junk food industry's predatory marketing tactics.

The Toxic Profits of Shrimp Farming and Tin Mining

10 Jan 2015 | 265,023 Views

Not only is it exposed to illegal, toxic pesticides linked to brain damage, cancer, and Parkinson's - it's produced by harassing poor people, sucking their blood and looting their resources. Bad for you. Bad for the environment. It's really a no-brainer - avoid it like the plague...

7 Psychological Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

08 Jan 2015 | 48,721 Views

By altering your mindset, you can achieve your New Year’s resolution for a healthier, happier and more successful year.


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